Title AS?LES
Status completed
Program culture
Area 2.500 m2
Duration 2014 - 2014
Location Namur, Belgium
Coordinates 50.482510N, 4.824824E
Owner asbl Isolat
Budget € HTVA

asbl Isolat

collectif DRASH

Johan Flamey

Valentin Bianchi photographie


Université de Namur

hôpital psychiatrique du Beau-Vallon

" ASILES , des ombres à la lumière " is an exhibition organized as part of the centenary of the Psychiatric Hospital of Beau Vallon , located in Saint -Servais. The exhibition was coordinated by asbl isolat and was staged by Specimen architects in collaboration with Johan Flamey.

The exhibition brings together thirty artistic approaches in a 2.500 sqm pavilion of the hospital wich have been unoccupied for a year.

The scenography has been designed as a sensory journey wich deals with :

 - The history of psychiatry and the history of the hospital ,

 - A current perception of psychiatry and mental illness

 - Psychiatry abroad ( particularly in Cambodia)

 - Artistic productions of patients.

This exhibition is constructed on a particular subject in a particular place, where visitors can go from one point to another depending on their interest and sensitivity . They can put together a puzzle where psychiatry , mental illness and Beau-Vallon hospital are the result of stories that continue to be written, here and elsewhere, as a therapeutic work.