Status competition
Program culture
Area 60 m2
Duration 2009 - 2010
Location Heerlen, Nederlands
Coordinates 50°53'16.1"N 5°58'45.8"E
Owner Schunck
Budget 60.000€ HTVA


The project deals with the idea of nomadism. It is set up as a temporary space to be transported, which induces constraints of specific construction and leads us to the redefinition of a concept: the tent. This is an urban tipi which aims to host first.

Therefore, the pavilion was designed as a structural object. What is special about this design is how each part of the envelope is articulated with others, allowing flexibility in the volume as well as easy assembly/disassembly.

We have designed a building composed of a primary structure, a framework that defines a flexible space and a flexible and waterproof outer shell that follows the contours of the metal structure. Outside, the pavilion has a smooth, translucent skin. He sees himself as a mere object, detached from any context. The canvas becomes a readable surface like a billboard or display.