Status competition
Program residential
Area 1000 m2
Duration 2014 - 2014
Location Barvaux Belgium
Coordinates 50.349957, 5.502035
Owner Fond du logement des familles nombreuses de Wallonie
Budget 1.000.000€ HTVA


Atelier Paysage

It was requested to study the possibility of creating comfortable and inexpensive accommodation suitable for “HP” residents. The site on which these units are implanted is located on Barvaux outskirts. The challenge was urban, technical and architectural. It was to implement a new micro- neighborhood within the urban grid and also to imagine a new way of designing housing in order to find innovative solutions to reduce construction costs ( € 100,000 per house), to provide modularity in the living areas, to maintain close ties with nature, to develop healthier, well insulated houses with easy maintenance.